Achieved results :


  • (2012) Design and construction of the FASNOM base optics and beam alignment
  • (2012) FASNOM Mechatronics and peripheral design
  • (2012) Design of FASNOM – LockIn Amplifier electronic interface unit


  • (2013) Performance assessment of various lock-in detection techniques
  • (2013) Informal agreement for patients to be enrolled in the study.
  • (2013) Protocol for harvesting and preparation of skin/tissue samples from patients enrolled in the study.
  • (2013) Design of a database for monitoring patients included in the study
  • (2013) Design & implementation of image enhancement algorithms for FASNOM, fast strict ordering based local histogram specification
  • (2013) Project website
  • (2013) Design of the online collaborative work platform
  • (2013) Nanoscale Imaging with a basic (2D, fixed wavelength) bench-Top basic FASNOM
  • (2013) New insights on basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) specifics based on  investigations by linear optics techniques (RCSLM, FCSLM) non-linear techniques (MPLSM, SHG/THG)


  • (2014) Online collaborative work platform
  • (2014) New image registration protocol for cross-correlative studies based on laser scanning microscopy and apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy
  • (2014) Design of digital super-resolution algortihms based on combined pump-probe/apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy
  • (2014) Innovative server architecture upgrades for enabling collaborative work and forthcoming ASNOM telemicroscopy sessions.
  • (2014) First trials on ASNOM imaging using pulsed Ti:sapphire excitation
  • (2014) Design of novel ASNOM detection unit for simultaneous multimodal acquisition
  • (2014) Enrollment of novel relevant clinical cases in the study.
  • (2014) Novel sample preparation protocols for FASNOM and LSM imaging of unfixed, fresh, tissue samples
  • (2014) Novel watermarking algorithms that enable packing relevant textual and 2D information in FASNOM and LSM images
  • (2014) Design of telemicroscopy platform compatible with the FASNOM imaging setup
  • (2014) Implementation of software package for Lock-in amplifier control necessarry for forthcoming telemicroscopy sessions
  • (2014) Computer vision techniques for classification of cellular distributions.


  • (2015) Investigation on paraffine embedded tissue fragments using near-field nanoscopy methods and far-field microscopy methods
  • (2015) Correlation of CSLM data and conventional optical microscopy collected on HE stained skin tissue fragments
  • (2015) Method for quantitative determination of dielectric function at nanoscale by using apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy
  • (2015) Development of an advanced platform for combined multimodal imaging using complementary contrast mechanisms. The platform includes micro & nano-scale LSM techniques & ASNOM techniques & AFM techniques
  • (2015) Telemicroscopy platform to control the multimodal LSM-ASNOM imaging system developed at UPB
  • (2015) Watermarking strategies for embedding supportive 1D and 2D information in LSM micrographs
  • (2015) Upgrade of ASNOM imaging platform at CMMIP-UPB so as to allow simultaneous FASNOM, SHG-SNOM and s-SNOM investigations
  • (2015) Algorithm for digital restoration of ASNOM data
  • (2015) Design of a digital image library equipped with intelligent data minning function to host large galleries of LSM and ASNOM data sets.
  • (2015) ASNOM and LSM multimodal imaging experiments targeted at enhancing the current understanding of non-melanomic skin cancers.