Wing Computer Group

SC WING COMPUTER GROUP SRL is involved in research-development-innovation activities for over 8 years, in technical and managerial consultancy and services in the IT&C field. The research projects have been running or are still running in RELANSIN programs, CEEX (VIASAN, CERES, M3), PNCDI INNOVATION, PNCDI PARTNERSHIPS, FP7, STRUCTURAL FUNDS and are materialized into products/services/innovative technologies that come to support the economy and social life in Romania or organize new concepts concerning complex measurement systems, monitoring and data processing.

SC WING COMPUTER GROUP SRL was involved and is involved as coordinator in a number of 3 projects and as partner in over 15 research projects in the National Research and Development Plan, European Structural Funds and FP7.

The main activities that the company has carried out within the research projects involve: studies and analysis in the field of digital processing of ECG electrophysiological signals, software implementation of mathematical models and testing of the analysis system in the time, frequency and time-frequency Wavelet type domain, research protocol development, identifying/developing software solutions, initiating and developing algorithms, participation in dissemination of results, all the activities being implemented based on effective project management strategies. Capitalization of CDI results was made by transfer to the beneficiaries of the products, methods, prospective and technological studies, regulations, procedures, technical plans, etc. Capitalization was also made through dissemination of results, such as participating in the national and international fairs and exhibitions. An example is the participation in 2005 at the Romanian research stall at the International Hanovra Messe Fair with an innovative product: Integrated system for increasing quality of life by remote monitoring and analysis of ECG parameters.

For society, the involvement in research meant gaining new skills, improving the human resources involved, and also new collaborations.

SC WING Computer Group responsibilities in the frame of NANOLASCAN  refer to networking, digital media storage and transfer and software development