The clinic section of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery of the Floreasca
Emergency Clinic Hospital Bucharest (ECHB-PS), has been established in 1983 and is the
biggest clinic section in the country in its area. In the year that have passed since it was established it has gained a very rich experience in the diagnostic and treatment of cutaneous tumors, having the most complex casuistry in Romania in this field. ECHB-PS has participated, and still is participating, in numerous research projects on various topics such as: nervous regeneration by using biocompatible conductors,transplant of vascularized bone marrow or treatment of tegumentary defects extended by stem cell enriched collagenic bandages. ECHB-PS will be contributing to the NANOLASCAN by providing relevant samples for non-melanoma skin cancer research and in the interpretation and analysis of collected data in the purpose of establishing new methods and protocols for the screening, early diagnosis, efficient monitoring, prognostic and therapy of such tumors.